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How to save money by online hotel Booking.

Have you ever landed in a city with time to kill and for a Comfortable Nap, shower and breakfast before setting off refreshed to your next destination? How may hours you stay at the hotel, only for a night or just for 6 to 12 hours,  

Think About it?

You Just need hotels for few hours in these case, but you didn’t go to the hotel only because you have to pay for whole night stay charges or I say for 24Hours, and keeping yourself in very uncomfortable situation. you kill you’re your valuable time on chairs or roaming here and there in Shopping malls waiting for lounge etc, we know passing time is how difficult.

Well, now you can book hotels for few hours in India without any discussion with hotels and without any question at the hotel reception.

A new online reservation service,, allows guests to rent rooms for 3H, 6H,12H in  top hotels across 11 cities in India for the afternoon, night stay or any time you want to come in hotel, targeting short-stay business visitors flying in and out in a day, who need some desk space or a few hours’ sleep.

The company gives you flexibility in choosing your own hour slot and time of check-in at the hotel even at  6 AM early morning without any hassle, and your hour will start from your chosen check-in time.

As we are getting a new trend in hotel booking of 12h Night stay, people check-in at the hotel between 6 PM -9 PM and check-out at the same time next morning and save up to 40% of  Normal Night stay charges of hotels. Most of the guest came to the hotel in evening but they end of paying for the whole day why? Why not book it for 12h only save your extra money.

Win – win situation for hotels

“We decided to adopt this strategy because in most of our business hotels, 60% to 70% of departures happen early morning and likewise arrivals happen in the evening,” said Amit Singh, Owner of Hotel Alpine Tree, Mahipalpur, New Delhi, His all 6 hotels are listed on and getting 90% occupancy in day time when other hotels are vacant.

Brevistay is currently available in 11Cities including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai , Kolkata, Jaipur, Chennai. Mysore, Lucknow and many more cities to come.


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