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20 Tips for the Ideal Date at an Hourly-Stay Hotel

Love is a phenomenon cherished and celebrated in almost every society. However, in Indian culture, it is taught to be contained by rules and regulations. We, however, say something different. We do not want a label of “legally bound” when we are “bound by love.”

In this era of dating and travel, affordable accommodation takes time. Whether one is a business traveler or a couple on a date, hourly-stay hotels are an ideal option.

High prices and inflexible check-in put everyone in a tight spot. Offers curated to adhere to the growing demand for couple privacy and friendliness, along with benefits similar to those of traditional hotels, are being addressed by short-stay hotels or day-use hotels. 

Fulfilling such demands of the growing love around us are taken care of by hospitality businesses with offers that benefit us, which are thoroughly curated for us. Pay-per-hour or hourly-stay hotels (also referred as short-stay hotels) have brought ease to the guests to rest their feet during their ventures of life. 

A Home Away from Home – Hourly-Stay Hotels Are Your Best Friend

cpuples enjoying their stay at an hourly hotel

When you are smitten by someone, the agony of being unable to meet the love of your life is more excruciating than one can imagine. To help bring down such situations, the hospitality industry has managed to come up with a splendid new solution for all the love birds out there. This solution is the ability to book for the time you have and not the time hoteliers offer.

For example, we understand that traditional hotels have much stricter thumb rules for acknowledging their guests than the guests would be comfortable with. They adhere to the traditional, conservative, and at times exaggerated admission rules for their guests, but this is not the case with hourly-stay or day-use hotels

Customers get to enjoy the best out of flexibility at hourly-stay hotels or day-use hotels. Here are some of the advantages of booking hourly stay hotels or short-stay hotels over traditional stay hotels:

an infographic on benefits of hourly hotels

The traditional, ideal date consists of a good meal (could be lunch or dinner) followed by sweet and romantic drive or long walk. But this era of quirky and eccentric relationships demands the satisfaction of physical passion. While not all dates will lead to this, some dates might.

The Ideal Date at an Hourly-Stay Hotel: 20 Dating Tips

The classic Netflix and chill can be a good place to start your date, but we have more delightful suggestions from a sex expert herself.

Seema Anand, a famous author, mythologist, storyteller, and sexual health educationist promotes exploration of the partner. Her ideology of physical intimacy is far different yet arousal from the modern-day approach. She speaks and supports KamaSutra. 

  1. Methods of KamaSutra:

While you might not be able to get your hands on all that KamaSutra has to offer, you still can extract one or the other suggestion from it. Some of them might be:

  • Becoming strangers to reignite the spark you had when you first met your partner
  • Roleplay with your partner and explore as you want to.  

Back home, how often do you take it out of bed? The answer is very rarely. Well another benefit of a date at a short-stay hotel is the flexibility of privacy and activities you can do. Studies suggest doing it in different ways and at different places helps enhance the relationship. 

  1.  Intimate Communication:

One of the major relationship advice Seema Anand gives for a happy partner is communication between them. But that doesn’t mean it has to be only verbal communication. 

With the privacy and time of a day use hotel, this intimate conversation can happen through multiple games- either board or drinking- which lets you explore your partner like never before.  

Some of the games include:

  • Monogamy

After monopoly has already been played with the land of hearts and won over, monogamy intends to help you explore each other more intimately. Despite having restrictive heterogamous approaches, it’s your imagination that gets the game going. Just like in monopoly you bid your money, in monogamy you bid your sexuality. The more creative the better.

  • 52 weeks of Sexploration

Intimacy in a private space is a fun adventure in itself; adding a twist of a card game edges it to a thrill. With half the card containing something kinky, others have something cute. Let the fun begin.

  • Sex stack

The jenga of sex games. It is simple yet romantic at the same time. While you build the jenga, each block contains a number, and with each number comes an instruction. Stack it up, to bring it down. 

  • Roleplay

To spice things up, one can always switch the role with the partner. It might sound gender biased, but at times one partner is sweet and calm whereas the other is ferocious and controlling during intimacy. Switch it up and explore your partner as long as you wish.

  • Kinky confessions

A drinking game where you and your partner ask questions on the mixed basis of truth or dare, fleming, and would you rather. The forfeit of the game is passion away from bed (either on a chair, in-front of a mirror, or on the side table).

  1. Secret Massages: 

If you have ample time and have booked at a luxurious short-stay hotel, look for a couple offers, which usually comes with a couple suite, alcohol, and massusure. If that is not available, go right ahead, give that amazing massage with a personal touch and receive the bliss of another. Be the stress-buster you both deserve. 

  1. Shower Together: 

One of the highly recommended sensual places for a passionate intimacy is a shower. Let the spark fly everywhere while you indulge in a sexy shower with your partner.

  1. Relationship Apps: 

With the world progressing there are people who are working to help you achieve and reciprocate the best of the relationship. Apps like Agapé, 36 Questions in Love, Desire, etc help you come up with sensual questions to entice the spark that lurks beneath the shy surface. 

  1. Set up a Movie Hall:

Even if the room comes equipped with a TV where you can easily connect your Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Nothing beats the aura of a cinema hall in a cozy setting. Bring out that portable projector and have an amazing movie date.

  1. Spa Date:

Many hotels might not have this service, but some luxurious ones do. So go on and book a spa date just for the two of you. 

  1. Photo Session Date:

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to click the beauty you are dating. With a white background (use the bedsheet of the room) in the soft lights of the room, click sensual and intimating images of your partner and enjoy the moments. Also, don’t forget to click good pictures for social media and have them show off to the world.

  1. Go Indoor Camping:

With the consistent changes in weather, it might be difficult to camp outside, so why not bring it in the room. Spend all the time you have with your loved one by creating a cozy and romantic campsite in the room (whether in the beautiful balcony, or near the fireplace if available in the room) and fill the moments with conversation, movie, or physical passion.

  1. At Room Casino:

Casino too far? Bring it to your room and enjoy dealing and much more. You can also turn it into a strip poker, where the one who loses a hand, strips as a punishment.

  1. Read a Book Together:

This one is for the reader couples who enjoy the passion of mind to the fullest. If you cannot execute a book date in a cafe, try using a day-use hotel, and have a cozy book-reading session with your partner.

  1. Candlelight Dinner:

Using electricity to create that atmosphere of coziness will never outrun the classic candlelit dinner. So, get some candles, order some favorite food, and create new memories within those short beautiful hours.

  1. Make an Ice Cream Sundae Bar:

Bring your ice cream and favorite toppings along with some hot fudge and enjoy the cold with the warmth of your partner. 

  1. Dance Your Heart Out:

Do you love clubbing? Then why don’t you bring the club to the room? Dance your heart out on groovy tunes and set the mood for a sweaty passion. The floor is all yours.

  1. Pizza and Wine:

Sounds very basic but is oh-so-delicious on every end. This classic date idea can be paired with almost anything- from movies to sex jenga, the choice is yours.

  1. Create a Karaoke Bar:

When there are no inhibitions between you and your partner, you can be the old toad and they would still find your voice melodious. So, go ahead and bring out that youtube link of all those songs you love, and sing your heart (and your throat) away.

  1. Youtube Yoga date:

When booking an hourly room does not come with a hindrance of time, you can indulge in detailed intimacy of many different kinds. Pick all the couple yoga poses and enjoy the passion (it can also be the initial step towards a passionate foreplay). 

  1.  Re-enact Your Favorite Songs:

Dancing alone is a sole entertainment to your partner, but recreating a dance sequence alongside your partner levels it one notch higher.

  1. Learn a Tiktok dance:

If dancing the moments away is your love language and your partner enjoys the madness of dancing as well, then this could add spice to your romance. Learn a new Tiktok dance and have fun making the videos. 

  1. Puzzle Your Way:

Although carrying a physical box of puzzles might be a little tricky for an hourly date, some of these puzzles can be found online like trivia games, Psych (an app), and many more. 

Pro tip: Apart from what you can do with your partner to make a date an ideal date, there are certain things that you should keep in mind:

  • If you are on a lengthy vacation, know your partner’s and your own preferences related to ME time. A good WE time can come out of a relaxed ME time. 
  • Even if you book a room for a couple of hours, nothing beats a fresh pair of underpants after intimacy. Clean clothes provide a rejuvenated feeling after a passionate siesta.
  • Carry granola bars and other lighter snacks (including alcohol if you drink) to replenish your energy. 
  • Protected passion is the best companion for unwanted situations. So,if you are not trying for a future like that, stay protected.

A Hotels and Homestays Brand That Is Driven by Hospitality and Trust

couples at the reception of an hourly stay hotel

The demand of couples looking to have a quite yet eventful date has been increasing day by day. The hospitality industry is putting its best foot forward and inviting them with open arms. The safety, privacy, and multiple other flexibilities required for an intimate date is now being accessed by the couples at day use hotels. And we, the Brevistay, are forever at your service. 

We provide hourly-stay hotels or short-stay hotels in 70+ cities with multiple payment options. Because we value your comfort above all else, we strive to give you the most opulent and safe staycations possible. With Brevistay, customers get flexible check-in/check-out, pocket-friendly prices, and couple-friendly hospitality at all of our locations.

Book with us and have an amazing date experience.

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