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Couple Friendly Hotels – Easy to Book and Safe to Stay

There are so many things that we are very proud of as Indians. Be it our diverse culture or the timeless traditions that we follow today in the 21st century. But one thing we are not proud of is the stigma surrounding unmarried couples and their lifestyle.

Still, many unmarried couples are discriminated against at a lot of public places such as hotels and guest houses. But thankfully, we see a change in the right direction with many reputed hotels changing this norm. With hotels like Brevistay allowing rooms to couples, we can only hope that all the other hotels, lodges, and resorts will follow suit soon.

What are couple-friendly hotels?


But before we go any further, it’s essential to understand what couple-friendly hotels are. Couple-Friendly hotels provide their rooms and other attached services to a legally married couple and an unmarried one. Their services include providing rooms for their stay and making available other services like Spa, Restaurant, etc., to the unmarried couples staying in their hotels. Apart from the amenities mentioned above, they must also ensure their customers’ complete safety and privacy.

Things the couples must keep in mind:

As we mentioned above, because of the confusion and disgrace surrounding many unmarried couples, they had to resort to staying in shady and unfacilitated hotels in the past. Because of that, a lot of couples had to face various problems. Some couples even are forced to pay high prices to stay in a regular hotel with their partners. That’s why we will share a few things that you should keep in mind when booking a couple-friendly hotel.

  • Make sure that the locality in which the hotel is located is safe and clean.
  • Try to make reservations at hotels that have three stars and higher for increased security.
  • As much as possible, try booking the hotel online after checking the reviews for the place.
  • Always furnish only the correct details to the hotel to avoid any trouble.
  • Read the hotel policies carefully before booking.
  • Also, have a backup if any hotel tries to deny bookings to you for any possible reason.

Just remember that as long as you are not doing anything illegal, no hotel has the right to deny their services to you. You can always find hotels with couple-friendly option on Brevistay to save you from the hassle.

Documents required:


Now that we have talked about precautions that you must take before booking and checking into any hotel let’s talk about some of the documents you must carry with you.

Here is a complete list of the documents that you must bring with you whenever you stay at a couple-friendly hotel:

  • AADHAR card
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Voter ID

Remember, you don’t need to carry all of the above mentioned ID proofs, just carry any one of the above documents will be enough for the hotelier to provide you check-in but it should be carried by both the guests. Check-in on single ID is not supported now as per government policy. Just make sure that they are clean and visible.

Currently there is no law in the nation that denies check-in to an unmarried couple for a stay in the hotel. But, providing a check-in to couples is totally at the discretion of the hotelier.

How Brevistay help you book couple-friendly hotels?

At Brevistay, you can find fabulous hotels for unmarried couples on an hourly basis. All couples will be allowed entry to provide all the required legal documentation. The staff at all of the hotels booked through us is trained to respect your privacy and ensure your complete safety.


When looking for a couple-friendly hotel, select the couple-friendly filter. By doing so, you will find the hotels that allow unmarried couples at your desired location on hourly basis. You can do the same on your Brevistay mobile app.

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