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Day-Use Hotels – Your One-Stop Destination for All Your Short-Stay Needs

If you’ve failed to plan, you’ve planned to fail. Brevistay always plans a step to give guests a personalized experience. Too busy to take an extended vacation but crave luxury without juggling your schedule? Are you looking for a vacation that’s pocket friendly yet guarantees maximum fun? Or are you looking to spend some personal time with your partner? Then, you are at the right place. 

If you’ve ever needed to book a room for a private excursion or temporary office work, you are in luck. We have designed Brevistay for you. For all the travelers who seek sheer flexibility when it comes to hotels. Got a flight to catch and need a day-use hotel? Or a brief stay for your office meetings? Brevistay hotels are the one-stop solution for all your short-stay needs. 

From a hotelier’s perspective, day bookings are incredible revenue generators. It enhances your property’s visibility and incentivizes your on-site spa, gym, restaurant, and recreational activities. Of course, hourly rates are cheaper than full-day packages, but it’s much better than missing the revenue with no bookings.

What Are Day-Use or Short-Stay Hotels?

Since 2016, Brevistay has been working to radicalize the hotel industry. We intend to popularize the concepts of day-use hotels, short-stay bookings, and anytime check-in. Our founders, Prateek, Nikhil, and Aditya, discovered that India needed revolutionary micro-stay features in the tourism sector. So they worked to seamlessly integrate short-stays in the Indian tourism industry while breaking various taboos.

Let’s take an example. A hotel has 100 rooms. On the night of the 23rd of March, the hotel is ‘sold out.’ The staff rejoices because it has 100% occupancy. Well, no, it doesn’t. Using booked nights as a parameter to judge occupancy is flawed– most guests who check in late at night check-out first thing in the morning. After the first round of housekeeping, the same room will be unoccupied for the entire day – despite the hotel having 100% occupancy. This situation is wasted space and missed revenue. That’s where day-use or short-stay hotels like Brevistay can help. 

Brevistay works on a pay-per-use model. Visitors can choose from 3, 6, and 12-hour customizable Brevistay hotel packages with flexible check-in and check-out. The duration of stay may vary for leisure and business travelers, and we welcome one and all. With this concept, Brevistay allows customers to enjoy a hotel room and other services traditionally available to overnight guests only. In addition, we endeavor to provide amenities in the daytime at the best possible price. What sounded like luxury is now becoming a norm with Brevistay.

Who Can Book Day-Use Hotels?

Brevistay hotels are judgment-free, safe, private, and affordable for anyone who wishes to spend some ‘me’ or ‘we’ time. We aim to make your stay as comfortable as you’d want. Business travelers, leisure travelers, adventure travelers, trekking enthusiasts, backpackers, hitchhikers, bikers, couples, singles, gangs of friends, girl-gangs, boy-squad – EVERYONE! 

Why Day-Use or Short-Stay Hotels?

Short-stay hotels are affordable and understand the varied needs of different guests. Some advantages of short-stay hotels are:

1. A Comfortable Environment to Work

After the pandemic, most companies resorted to remote work. Working from home can be tedious and exhausting with no physical office. But, while you can’t keep changing jobs, you can change your surroundings! So, the next time you seek a refreshing change, book the nearest Brevistay hotel. 

2. Nap-Time Innovation

Short-stay or hourly hotels are perfectly curated for the red-eyed business travelers hoping for a snooze. You can catch up on your long-lost sleep with no check-in hassles.

3. Cost-Effective Option for Businesses

Day-use hotels like Brevistay are more economical than renting a traditional office space. For businesses that need occasional office spaces, short-stay hotels are the best bet. 

4. Accommodate Last-Minute Plans

The next flight got delayed, and now you must endure a layover? Skip the uncomfortable airport chairs and shift to your nearest Brevistay hotel. Check-in flexibly and pay for the duration you stay.

5. Respite from Spying Society

Before we meet our significant other, the butterflies are enough for the nervousness, let alone the neighbors add their own ‘masala.’  So focus on your date while Brevistay takes 100% care of your privacy. We promise, no questions asked.

6. Personal Space

There are days you want to be in your company. We get it. Brevistay is a haven for people seeking solitude. Relax, rejuvenate, and refresh while we take care of the rest. 

7. Safe Space for Unmarried Couples

We won’t ask for anything – except your valid IDs. We at Brevistay hope you experience a utopian world where our guests don’t feel the burden of “doing wrong.” Unmarried couples can book their rooms with us without fear of being judged. If you are consenting adults, who are we to ask about the purpose of your stay?

Save the extravagance for travel and sightseeing. With Brevistay, you can ensure a hygienic stay fully loaded with amenities. Trekkers, pilgrims, or even business travelers need a place to unwind before they head out for their next plan. Hotels with hourly lodging facilities guarantee the best stay experience for travelers on the move. 

8. Fuel the Traveler in You

Save the extravagance for travel and sightseeing. With Brevistay, you can ensure a hygienic stay fully loaded with amenities. Trekkers, pilgrims, or even business travelers need a place to unwind before they head out for their next plan. Hotels with hourly lodging facilities guarantee the best stay experience for travelers on the move.

9. Flexible Check-Ins and Check-Outs

In the mood for an after-party? Head to Brevistay to crash for the night. Don’t worry; we’ll catch you! No need to worry about the 2 PM check-ins! Guests with spending limits can enjoy a luxurious stay if their flights get delayed, or they wait for rescheduled meetings. Short-stay hotels are a safe space for couples wanting to spend more time with their partner. 

10. Highly Affordable

Imagine getting all the services and facilities in 24-hour hotels at almost half the price. Hourly hotels are your best friend. Visitors can choose what works best for them with hotel categories like budget, premium, or luxury. Plus, they gain access to enjoy all the recreational amenities the hotel offers. 

11. Multiple Payment Options

With Brevistay, you can pay in advance or later at the hotel. Your satisfaction is our priority. We accept all payment methods, online, card, or cash transactions. Just let us know your budget, and we’ll bring the best deals for your stay. 

12. Additional Benefits for Local Residents

Short-stay hotels like Brevistay allow guests with local IDs. What if you’re looking for a place to relax while you take a break between two official meetings? Or, you need to attend two family functions but don’t want to travel back and forth from your home. Day-use hotels must be your go-to places in such scenarios. All you need is valid ID proof; you can book a room on the spot, regardless of location. 

13. Luggage Storage

Visiting a different city but don’t want to take your luggage around? Drop it at one of the hotels offering hourly room packages. That way, your belongings are safe, and you also get a place to freshen up quickly. 

14. Ease of Booking

Since there are no rigid timings or conditions to book a room, short-stay hotel platforms provide quick bookings. For example,  Brevistay helps its guests book a room on the Brevistay mobile application in just three simple steps

Myth Buster! Hourly Hotels Are Not Just for Couples (Or Sex!)

Every time we hear ‘hourly hotels’ or ‘short-stays,’ we picture suspicious, dim hotels in the most uninviting areas of the city. While we are open for unmarried couples, they are not our only intentional guests. Brevistay is for people who fear overpaying for short durations. We understand how unjust it is to pay a hefty sum for a full day when you’ve only used it for a few hours. 

How Are Hourly Rentals Beneficial for Hotels?

Day-use hotels attract a different niche of customers (primarily business travelers) looking for a place to work, rest and schedule their meetings. People are now working for longer hours and commuting longer distances. Such a hectic schedule can leave them feeling burnt out, and coffee alone isn’t enough. You need rest.  

Short-stay hotels are a viable option for sleep-deprived new parents, people recovering from night outs, and international travelers in transit. Catering to a new audience and suiting their needs is better than leaving many rooms empty. The hotel industry can benefit in many ways:

1. Ease of Booking

Hotels can’t significantly bring down their booking rates to attract more customers. They fear they risk diluting their brand name. On the other hand, travelers and couples do not want to spend on rigid full-day bookings. By offering an hourly room, this untapped segment helps increase occupancy. Selling the hourly rooms advocates fair pricing and does not dilute the brand name.

2. Increase in RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room)

By allocating rooms by the hour, hotels can sell the same room more than once daily. As a result, the total revenue earned from a room in a day by selling them multiple times adds up to more than the full-day revenue of a single room. 

3. Maximize Your Assets

Most hotels have two fundamental problems – empty rooms and unused services. However, hotels can transform unused assets into incremental revenue by selling rooms multiple times and distributing their services. To start with, they can offer their poolside area, meeting rooms, and conference rooms, in addition to the standard rooms on the premises. 

4. Creating Brand Retention

Even when guests stay on the hotel premises for a few hours, it is enough to create a good impression. Therefore, hotels can leverage this opportunity to present their services, hospitality, and better living standards to attract more guests in the future. 

5. Ease of Listing Hotel

With the advancement in the travel industry, gaining exposure is the first step towards making a mark. Most short-stay hotel platforms allow free and open hotel listings. After a thorough check and passing particular accommodation criteria, you can easily list your property and become a partner. You can learn how to list your hotel with Brevistay

6. 24X7 Support

All leading platforms looking to revolutionize the hotel industry provide full support to their partnered hotels. Since the ultimate right to admission lies with the hotel management, the partners ensure their free hand in operations. Short-stay or day-use rooms are an offshoot of regular hotel operations and do not hinder the working processes. 

7. Great Business Opportunity

The hospitality industry was the worst hit in the pandemic. Any step towards its upliftment is a sigh of relief. To regain momentum, offering hourly bookings for rooms is a lucrative business opportunity to ensure footfall on the hotel premises. 

8. Additional Source of Revenue

Hoteliers can enter a different market without significant infrastructural changes to cater to a new audience. This increases the hotel’s popularity and welcomes people from all walks of life, thereby increasing the overall revenue generated. 

9. Generates Employment

With the additional revenue, there are lesser chances of a cash crunch for the hotel owners. This helps not to lay off any employees owing to a slump in the market and removes the seasonal insecurities that come with employment in this industry. 

Wrap Up

In the 1930s, couples booked tickets for the last rows in movie theaters. Then, for the longest time together, they picked up *reallllyy* long movies too! Short-stay hotels are an evolution in that journey. Now guests can experience luxury hotels for a “daycation” or book a six-hour room to deal with jet lag. Such hotel options are the best deals for couples looking for a safe nest away from judgmental eyes. Now couples won’t be frowned upon for seeking privacy and spending personal time with their loved ones. In addition, day-use hotels have economic benefits for guests as they receive all the luxury and facilities for a lesser price. 

While short-stay hotels are a relatively new concept, hotel industries should be open to exploring it. Moreover, it is an enhanced hotel feature and does not require any infrastructural changes. So, while hotels keep their regular bookings open, hotels can add hourly booking features on their websites or mobile applications. So, let’s Stay Smartly; Pay Hourly!

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