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Introducing Brevistay Experiences – Elevate Your Stay

Intending to induce opulence into the life of our prestigious customers, Brevistay is here with these high-end experiences now. We bestow services from premium Hotel chains to our clients, be it a self-pampering day, day-out with your loved ones, any birthday party, or other special celebration. Most importantly, now, you will have to pay for the time slots that you book for having great experiences at the premium hotel chains rather than for 24-hours. We are super excited to provide the premium stay in this segment, including excellent services like a gym, swimming pool, candlelight dinner, lunch, birthday celebration, etc. All from premium hotel chains nationwide.

We know that it is too dull to stay at home all the time or go shopping or to restaurants and cafes to dine-out. Why not go out and take a stay at a 5-star hotel for a specific duration or a day? Everybody needs that break from the monotonous schedules and same premises in which we live. But the busy work schedules and responsibilities often do not give us enough time to go to long-distance travel destinations that often. Why not availing of a stay at the premium hotel chains in your city or a nearby place for a particular time slot?

Spend a relaxing day at one of your favorite Premium Hotel

Refresh your mind and soul while enjoying these fantastic premium experiences now, offered by the range of premium hotels booked through Brevistay. The best part is that now you do not have to confine yourself to pay for the whole day rather than pay for the slots for which hoteliers provide the premium stay packages. We have hotels that fit all requirements to provide you with outstanding premium experiences now. Be that a swimming pool, gym, rooftop café, or an AC room with a jacuzzi or a suite, spa, etc. We make sure to connect you with the best hotels providing all. Let it be any time of the day; you want to have these high-end experiences now, we will act as a bridge to book your hourly stay here.


Suppose you have a special occasion such as a marriage anniversary or any birthday. We will even help you connect with the premium range of hotels, making ready your custom rooms and spaces for the number of hours you want them to do so. Now, you should no longer panic about decorating the place in front of the one having their special day as we will connect you to the premium hotel chains of your choice and will work on making your occasion even more special by arranging for a fabulous stay at these places.

You can even book meeting rooms for particular time slots to discuss important office stuff at the most peaceful and quiet premises.

Why should you enjoy having these unique experiences?

Take a day off from your typical everyday premises and enjoy, away from the hustle-bustle of life, by taking an hourly room with a gym, swimming pool, etc.

Enjoy a perfect lunch date or candlelight dinner at these premium places by paying for the particular time slot rather than for the entire 24-hour stay.

Dive deep into the clear pools of your favorite premium hotel chains and cherish these unique experiences now with your loved ones.

You can even get great ideas while working from these premium hotel rooms as this will give your mind a much-needed chance to concentrate in a better way.

If you always wanted to get grandeur experiences now from the premium hotel chains in and around your place, but the hefty costs of booking them for 24-hours have ever made it next to impossible for you to do so in the past. It would be best if you then tried this segment of unique experiences to pay for the particular slot you are booking with your choice of a premium hotel through Brevistay. Just pay for the time slot for which you want to avail of premium experiences provided by a particular hotelier.

Enjoy multiple 5-star and 7-star cuisines within the limited time frame and budget at these premium locations.

Relax with your loved one in these beautifully crafted interiors with a king-size bed and plush amenities such as beddings and other accessories.

Pamper yourself by using the gyms at these properties, which have thousands of equipment for a gym freak like you. You can even avail of two or more premium services provided by hotelier on the same day. For instance, enjoy a rooftop lunch and a candlelight dinner by booking both the benefits, if the hotelier offers that in a single day.

You can even take these premium services at some of the luxurious hotels too.

How to book the premium hotel to avail of the fascinating experiences?

  • Download our app.
  • Sign-up using your mobile number.
  • Click on the image on homescreen mentioning Experiences.
  • A new window will open where-in you can select the place, date and the list of experiences will be shown for that place.
  • All experiences are provided for a certain duration of time for eg. some maybe for 6 hours or maybe 8 hrs. The important point here is that although the duration is fixed the check-in time is flexible.
  • Check-out and make payments after confirming the check-in time and date you want to enjoy these uniquely crafted experiences.
  • All experience are prepaid only, i.e. only paid online. There is no option of pay at hotel.
  • As soon as you make the payment, a confirmation of your booking stating every detail will be sent to you by email and sms.

Things to remember

  • Any booking done on the experience platform is non-refundable.
  • You can select the check-in time but the duration is fixed.
  • Also, if in any case you are late or unable to make it to the hotel, the experience will not be shifted or re-scheduled. So please make sure to reach hotel timely.

It is time to come out of your cozy houses and give yourself all-new premium experiences now by trying out a stay at premium hotel chains. Pay for the particular time slots you choose to stay as per the availability of services you want to have and the hotelier’s slots on that specific day. Hurry up! Book now and enjoy fantastic hospitality and premium experiences now.

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