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New term in town – “Revenge Travel”

Covid took a toll on our health and taught us a lesson or two about hygiene. Let us not forget the adverse impact that Covid had on businesses. Still, it brought us close to family and instigated the need to be independent when it came to doing chores but let’s face it, India cooped up at home for almost eight months now. We cannot do more of that. These unrestful feelings of locked away at home and not being able to enjoy the freedom we so rightly deserve have concocted new terms, which is floating around the Internet a lot known as “Revenge travel.”

Just like Covid, the term started gaining popularity firstly in China itself when people started traveling locally to avoid the monotonicity of being at home. 

What does “Revenge Travel” mean to different people?


For most of us, traveling right now would mean escaping the boredom and monotonicity of the routine the lockdown created for us. We want a change, and most importantly, we want to meet our friends and family, people we have not seen or met physically in months.

While for businesses, especially in the travel industry, it means sweet money. The pandemic hit the Indian hospitality industry very harshly, and “revenge travel” is the salvation. 

What is the future of “Revenge Travel”?

The travel and hospitality industry in India was worse hit by this pandemic. Still, experts say that they expect a surge in hotel and flight bookings. More and more people want to travel and eat outside to escape the hardship of doing dishes and cleaning. 

Living through the pandemic is no longer an option, so the people have taken to the road to systematically observe all necessary precautions to avoid Covid and still manage to continue living their lives. 

Is “Revenge Travel” beneficial?


It will take time for the industries to heal and reach the level they were at pre-COVID-19. Still, it is a start, and it won’t benefit anyone unless one observes all precautions and safety measures. The festival season is the best time for businesses to take advantage of this. People want to meet their loved ones. When is the time better than during a festival?

The hoteliers and small businesses are in for a little recovery, but how long will it last? We hope to be around for that, stay safe readers.

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