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Sex At Hourly Hotels: 4 Tips To Spice It Up

Close your eyes for a minute. And think about sex. Think about all the places you’d like to do it at. The places where it feels the most adventurous. The places where if all the stars aligned and you were given a chance by the universe to, you’d go at it with your partner RIGHT NOW. Is a cosy or elegant-looking hotel room one of those places? ‘Course it is!

But how’d we know?

As part of a global survey by HotelTonight, 2200 people across 11 countries were asked their opinions on hotel sex. And a staggering 100% of them said that hotel sex is just flat-out better. The reason? New surroundings, maximum privacy, and being able to truly relax. According to them, this combo by default amped up their sex life.

So the next time you fantasize about hotel sex, know that you’re not alone. Who wouldn’t want to get funky at a place that helps break the monotony and frees you from worrying about post-sex clean up? Besides, hotels allow you to be more open to trying new things. And new is always sexy.

“The change of location creates novelty and encourages a chemical change in the body that can boost libido,” says Sex and Relationship Expert – Dr. Jess O’Reilly. She adds, “Novelty has the potential to activate dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward.”

So now we know that Sex + Hourly Hotels = Jackpot! (We say hourly hotels because let’s be honest – if you’re going there just to get lucky a couple of times, what’s the point of booking it for a whole 24 hours?)

But there’s more. If getting lucky at an hourly hotel is an experience everybody looks forward to, should you try and make it even better somehow? Think of it as your favourite pancake or ice-cream. Does it taste great? Sure. But with some extra toppings like sprinkles or chocolate chips, it’s SO MUCH BETTER, isn’t it? Except that in this case, you use the toppings to make the sex not just sweeter, but a lot hotter and spicier too.

hourly hotels

Next time you’re on your way to get laid at an hourly hotel, try these:

1. Arrive Separately (And Maybe As Strangers?)

sex at hotel

Part of the hotel sex appeal is the adventure and doing something out of the ordinary. You can take this a step further by going there earlier or later than your partner. Whichever one of you reaches before can maybe set up some romantic music, put on some sexy clothes and surprise the other. If you’re feeling particularly raunchy, you can begin the foreplay by meeting as complete strangers at a nearby bar. Flirt as if it’s all happening for the first time, bring out all your moves, and finally move your tryst to the hotel room for some hot lovin’. Worth trying at least once, isn’t it?

2. Get Your Freak On

sex freak

The space and time at the hourly hotel are both yours, so try whatever you can’t bust out back at home. And don’t be afraid to get freaky or messy either. Sexy lingerie, moaning, lube, sex toys, role play, long sessions of oral sex – the possibilities are endless.

If you’re checking into a more luxurious hourly hotel, see if you can get your hands on a couple’s package. These typically include champagne and additional services such as a couple’s massage.

3. Do It In Different Positions

sex positions

You were looking to get adventurous, right? Here’s your chance to explore the extent of it and get creative. Those positions you came across when you stumbled upon the Kama Sutra and thought “This one looks hot” – it’s time to break them all in. Special shoutout to the Spork, Pretzel Dip and Pinball Wizard. Rumour has it these positions make for greaattt hotel sex.

4. Do It At Different Locations

sexual experiences

If you really want this romp at the hourly hotel to be adventurous and different than usual, think outside the bed. Instead, try out some other spots in the room. On a comfy chair, in front of the mirror (this one’s an absolute winner btw), out on the balcony (if safe and inconspicuous) and in the shower are great places to give your sessions a whirl. It’s hard to find this kind of privacy and opportunity anywhere else. Make the most of it.

“Expanding your sexual experiences outside the bedroom brings you closer to your partner, teaches you more about what turns you on, and helps you feel sexually empowered,” says sex and relationship expert Emily Morse, PhD. Safe to say, anyone who’s given hourly hotels a spin in their sex life will echo her sentiments.

While it’s important that you have fun and unleash your wild side, it’s essential to keep in mind that damaging the facilities or furniture and leaving behind spills or stains only makes it more difficult for hotels to fix the room once you leave. We’re committed to making our hourly hotel rooms as convenient as possible for you, and we’re sure you’ll help us wherever you can too!

Now go on and get funky with your +1. Brevistay’s got you covered.

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