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Top 5 things to do in the Autumn Season

During the autumn season, our surroundings undergo a subtle change, and the weather becomes more pleasant. We become more excited not just to celebrate autumn but also to welcome the winters. With so much charm around us, think of doing something new this Autumn season to enjoy the beautiful time and make it memorable. 

Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, we have several limitations. Still, we can enjoy in our unique way.

So, let us see the top 5 things that you can do in this autumn season and enjoy it –

Top view delicious pumpkin soup on the table
  1. Try seasonal food of autumn season– If you are a foodie, you should try the tastiest seasonal food of autumn!! Give a try to various recipes such as the wild mushrooms with their earthy flavor, fresh pumpkin puree to dress up the most flavorful salads, etc. Also, enjoy dishes made of quinces, chestnut, cabbage, Palak bhaaji, paneer toast, etc. You can even travel to an exceptional tourist destination to taste the native autumn season cuisines.
Happy dussehra on pink pastel
  1. Traveling and celebrating the magnificent Dussehra festival – In India, the Autumn season is a golden time to visit famous tourist destinations like Kashmir, coffee, and tea plantations of South India, wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, Vrindavan Gardens, Mysore palace, etc. Also, enjoy the autumn season festivals like Navratri and Dussehra. India is God’s own country, so this list of beautiful travel destinations is never-ending. Do not miss the exciting autumn season trip this Dussehra!!! 
Spooky carved pumpkins for halloween
  1. Custom your Halloween costumes – Many offices celebrate Halloween parties, but working from home as per the new normal may cancel the official Halloween party this autumn. Still, you can enjoy it at home by designing customized costumes and accessories. Show your creativity and innovation by decorating your home and enjoy a carved pumpkin as, without it, Halloween party is incomplete. 
Studio photography with computers, cameras and flash
  1. Spend your quality time doing photography – Add more colors to life by taking eye-catching snaps. Please attractive pictures with polarising filters, shoot it in golden hours using contrast and warm filters, white balance techniques, and much more. You can go to the mountains or any other places to take more natural photographs as the autumn season looks magnificent in its beautiful colors. Look through the eye of your creative lens and capture the picturesque views.
  1. Bonfire places to experience the beauty of night in autumn – During the autumn season, the temperature drops down at night. One can warm it up cozily using woods and papers. Freezing nights at your favorite palace with chilly winds blowing around you, a bottle of your favorite drink in your hands, the loved ones by your side, and bonfire!!! The scene is eye-soothing, isn’t it? Make it more memorable with the right company. 

We believe in the celebration of every festival and season of the year. Then, why not the autumn season!! Do not let any pandemic stop your life. Take all the precautionary measures while enjoying the most adorable autumn season and welcoming winters.

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