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Traveling in the Post-Pandemic New Normal

Do you have an upcoming meeting or a much-awaited party to attend in Mumbai or Delhi? Is the pandemic stopping you from taking steps out from your home for the micro stay? Are you looking for some clean hotel by hours for making your short stay a safer one?

Traveling during this new normal is a bit complicated. People are afraid to go for a meeting for a few hours in another city. Do not make your work suffer because of the virus. Look for hourly hotels that can make your micro stay virus-free. 

Reasons for a Micro stay –

  • Your wedding -If your wedding is nearby and you want to go to Delhi, Mumbai, or Jaipur to shop for the same, you can opt for Brevistay.
  • Business Meetings -You can’t risk your job for avoiding the risk of a virus. Attend your business events and meetings by booking the hygienic hourly hotels to make the micro stay safer.
  • Attending important events – If you need to attend the most awaited wedding of your sibling, best friend, cousin, you can only do it best in reality and not through any virtual means. Plan your short stay to attend these occasions.
  • Changing mood – Being on work from home or inside your houses from the past 5+ months has made it very depressing. Go out for an hourly stay to refresh your mind by changing your premises for a while. 

How this new normal makes traveling unique?

  • Fewer Crowds: Before the pandemic, you must have faced more crowds, which you will not see these days. It will help you have a hassle-free short stay and complete your urgent task.
  • Extraordinary Experience: You will get better privacy during your journey due to social distancing guidelines. It will give you more comfort and a sense of safety during travel and micro stay in the hotel by hours.
  • Hygienic Hospitality: When it comes to planning about your hourly stay, during this pandemic, you have so many hourly stay options available in India. They are not only hygienic but also give you comprehensive service to protect you from the Corona Virus with proper precautions.
  • Comprehensive Shopping: Traditional shopping is still a favorite time for many people. Whether it is garments, cosmetics, or anything else for any functions or event, sanitized shops are opens for specific timings, as per the rules. You will also get a better space and time to go through your purchasing products or materials during the short stay. 

Do not worry about how to sanitize yourself, wash your hands, bath, etc. before eating anything while you reach a new destination. Book a good hotel by hours to help you freshen and take a nap to release your traveling stress by taking this short stay. Have a happy and tension-free short stay without much worry. All you should do is take all the mandatory precautions and keep your life going. Search online for the perfect hotel by hours as per your choice to make your micro stay a memorable one.

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