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5 Reasons Why Having Privacy Is Important

In our previous article, we spoke about having privacy and the different places we can turn to in order to find some much-needed “me-time”. We also talked very briefly about how you can tell if you’re in need of some alone time. But let’s take a step further back! What’s all this noise about privacy? You might think – “Okay fine, so I don’t live in a house that gives me my space, whether I’m alone or with my boyfriend/girlfriend. So what? What’s the big deal?”. Well, sorry to point out the reality of it, but IT IS A BIG DEAL. It’s a HUGE deal! Look, you live in the 22nd century. You’re a clever person, who’s also probably self-aware to a large extent. You definitely must’ve felt at times like you want some space; like you (and your partner if you have one) want to be left alone. And you also must’ve realised that our Indian homes are not exactly the benchmark for privacy. You know privacy is important, but do you know just how much? Do you know all the different ways in which not having privacy can take a toll on you psychologically, emotionally and creatively? Yeah, it really does! Here’s how.

privacy of couples

Privacy For Yourself:

1. For self-exploration

When you have the freedom of being by yourself, you can spend time thinking and intuitively navigating through your passions, desires, emotions and beliefs. You can assimilate your circumstances and experiences, meditate, try new things that you’re only comfortable doing when alone, and develop new ways of expressing yourself. Not having to worry about people’s opinions or judgement is a huge relief on this journey of self-discovery. And what’s more, some studies actually suggest that as you become more and more able of being by yourself, you can fight depression better and become stronger mentally!

2. For creativity

Okay, maybe we’re not all artists. But most of us, if not all, definitely have some kind of creative passions or hobbies. Maybe you like pottery or sketching. Maybe you like to write poetry, or sing and dance. Maybe you like learning how to play the guitar, or throwing different clothes together to create your own fashion style. Giving into our creative urges from time to time is proven to aid personal development, and even help us regulate our emotions better. And part of what really helps spark our creativity to life sometimes is uninterrupted privacy. So the next time you want to write a poem or put a tune together and don’t know where to start, locking yourself in a room might just be the key!

3. For recharging your social battery

It’s a reaalllyyy fast-paced world now. We’re constantly talking to people in real life, and if that wasn’t enough, we now spend most of our free time interacting with people on social media too. It can get exhausting, even for those of us who love being around people. Being by ourselves simply helps us regain our social energy, so that we can go back out there and build relationships in a healthier manner because we feel fresher and more stable on the inside.

4. To just chill

Sometimes, you want to just do things by yourself, whether that’s taking a walk, cooking, reading, or binge-watching a serial-killer documentary. There are activities that just feel like you can make the most of them only when you do them by yourself, and it’s completely fine to want that. This isn’t a complicated one – being alone helps you REALLY chill.

Privacy With A Partner:

It’s fairly straightforward, isn’t it? There’s SO MUCH more you can do with your partner (whether it’s your long-term partner or simply a hook up) when you know you’re truly alone. And we don’t even mean just sex! The cuddles, the conversations, the intimacy, everything is a lot freer and more easygoing when you know there’s no one disturbing you. Any kind of relationship between two people enters a deeper level, simply because it has the space and privacy to.

Now that you know all the benefits of having privacy and just how crucial each one is for your growth, it only makes sense that you try and give yourself as much of it as possible, right? At this point, it’s hard not to mention that we give hourly hotels that offer exactly this kind of privacy, but that’s just what we do! Each thing we’ve mentioned above can be made the most of in a Brevistay room, and all at a cost that’s easy on the pocket. So if you’re ever in need of a safe and private space, click here or call 8586877634 and we’ll fix up a really cozy room for you.

Either way, we hope you find the privacy you deserve!

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