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Are you a frequent business traveler? Here’s the most pocket  friendly option for you.

Want to save enough while on a business trip? Brevistay can help you find some really economical room options for short stopovers at your preferred destinations. We are a growing start-up, now operational in 12+ cities of India including all the metros and also the other IT and business hubs like Hyderabad and Bangalore.

So how exactly can we be of help to you? Let us explore!

We offer rooms on an hourly basis, for 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours. The room rates are also charged accordingly. While on an official trip, you are most likely to stop at a hotel for a night or maybe for a few hours’ time. In this situation, booking rooms on a per hour basis is certainly more economical than having to pay for an entire day-even for using the room for 4 hours!

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Secondly, you can even conduct your meeting in the hotel room itself! Even if you are not travelling to another city but need to hold a meeting with a few delegates, getting a room for 3 hours, specifically for the meeting is the wisest option ever! Added perks? Since you’ll be in a hotel, you will have no problems arranging snacks or meals for your colleagues or invitees. The service staff will assist you with all the food and beverage service you might require. Having a meeting venue, a place to stay and rest and a place to dine- all under one roof. Cool, isn’t it?

Since time in hand is very less for most professionals, another very important aspect for people on business trips is the distance of the hotel from the concerned railway station or airport. Since we have most of our member hotels located very conveniently from airports, railway stations and bus terminals, Brevistay is the best option for your business tours and official trips.

While going for a formal meeting or conference, we’re sure you would want to look your smartest in your formals. But alas, travelling long distances formal-clad can be a big trouble! Getting rooms by the hour solves this problem too. No matter if you’ve travelled a long way to reach a venue, you can make the best use of our 3hour slots to change into your formals and freshen up.

Brevistay is a very convenient stay option for young and dynamic professionals who look out for flexibility in hotel stays instead of the regular 12noon check-ins. Since your business meetings have no fixed timings, so don’t we! In addition to providing rooms for short spans, we also provide flexible check-ins and check-outs. Gone are the days when you’re bound by the clock to vacate a hotel room, even if it is super inconvenient on your part.

Had a very exhaustive session at a conference and feel the need for a sound nap?

We’ll be at your rescue without burning a hole in your pocket. Booking rooms for a 6 hour or 12 hour slot will easily serve this purpose before you set off for your next destination.

Thank you!

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