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Valentine’s day with sweetie! Reserve hourly hotels from Brevistay!

“Aapko room ghante k hisaab se chaiye kya?” This question is generally shot by that “bhaiya” at the reception. Rolling eyes, corny smile and turning heads are what that follows towards you. Hourly hotels in India are still a taboo and unmarried couples often shy away from spending time in a hotel room mainly because of the embarrassing situation at the time of booking.

How about if booking a hotel room at hourly basis is a matter of few clicks?

Since valentine’s season is approaching, the amount of enthusiasm of having your Valentine next to you would be culminating in your hearts. The to-do-list might be hanging somewhere on the whiteboard of your head and the excitement to devour everything to your better half would be the motto of this Valentine season. Booking a hotel room to surprise your partner is the best initiative that one can take into consideration. Safe hourly hotels under affordable prices is another cherry on top. Remember, nothing has a higher calling than keeping your sweetie happy.

This Valentine’s do away with all the stress and hassle of booking a hotel room on the hourly basis via Brevistay. Brevistay provides their services in all major cities and you may enjoy the perks as unmarried couples by showing up your valid local IDs at the time of check-in. Hourly packs allow you to choose desirable check-in time in the hotel of your choice. The services of the hotels mentioned are at par excellence and it will render you satisfied at the time of check-out. Safety and security during the stay are the major areas of concern for a couple whereas exorbitant hotel tariffs scare the couples away. There are numerous issues that a couple has to address while looking for a hotel room, from basic amenities to little insignificant things that might bother a particular couple. Brevistay comes with the solutions to your every problem.

Pissed off by 12 PM check in?

Flexible check-in is the need of the hour when someone is looking for a safe stay for few hours in a hotel room. You may select a slot of time from the hourly packs provided on the website and sparkle the world of your valentine with wonderful surprises. Normally, the 3 hour and 6 hourly packs are booked by the youths seeking a quality time with their partners. The hotel wages are as per the number of hours you stay in a room and the payment is customized accordingly. You do not have to pay a single penny for the hours you do not stay in the hotel room. Basically, Brevistay has 3 hours, 6 hours and 12-hour pack to offer which can be chosen at the time of booking. Hourly hotels provides you the liberty to choose a time slot according to your requirement.

Vexed about transport facilities after check-out?

The hotels are generally located in the vicinity of where you may find transport facilities easily. The partnered hotels are located near railway stations, airports and industrial hubs from where you can easily head on to your journey after check-out. Friendly environment for unmarried couples is another icing on the cake as it helps you feel comfortable during your stay. Micro-stays have already enticed a lot of hotel room seekers who crib the moment, they pay for hours they do not stay in the hotel room. The hourly pack segment has enforced a new wave in the hotel room booking arena.

Wish to save your hard-earned money?

Why spend a fortune over a hotel room when under thousand bucks you can get a perfect room that suits you and your precious time. Couple hotels provide a friendly atmosphere at affordable prices for a couple who can easily avail all the facilities of a hotel room. Budgeted prices of the hotels create an extra appeal to the youths who seek a hotel room for few hours. Hourly hotels let you keep your pockets happy while you enjoy a beautiful time with your sweetie.

Do you reside in the same city where you booked the hotel room?

Couples having local IDs do not have to travel long distances to book a room for themselves. They can search for a hotel near their locality and book according to their convenience. The couple hotels have the facility to accept your valid local IDs at the time of check-in. You do not have to arrange anything other than your local IDs at the time of check-in. Get your bags packed to spend a splendid time with your bae.

Brevistay has something or the other to offer a person seeking a hotel room on hourly basis. Let this Valentine’s week be all about love and romance pushing away all the stress. Safe stay is the guarantee of all member hotels. Book the hourly hotels through Brevistay and have a wonderful day with your valentine. Create wonderful memories to linger on later in your future.
Have a happy valentine’s day!

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