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Hotels Per Hour- A Big Boon for Hotel Owners

Are you a hotel owner thinking about innovative ways to make your hotel stand out? Or are you some hotel manager looking for ways to boost your hotel sales? Are you one of those hotel owners who are always ready to welcome new and innovative ideas in your industry with folded hands?

If you are the one having any or rather many questions in your mind, like the one discussed above, then, we are here to explain to you that how being a hotel owner, you can avail great benefits by giving hotel rooms on per hour basis. Just tighten your seat belts and read till the end. We assure you that this blog will help you understand the concept of hotels on per hour basis very well and how you can avail this offer as a great deal for yourself.

The Concept of Hourly Hotels

Hotel per hour or hourly hotels means giving hotel rooms for a certain number of hours rather than booking them for the whole day. For such type of hotel rooms, you don’t need to charge your customers for the whole day rather the customer is supposed to pay for the number of hours he/she stays.

Blues and Myth

We can understand that being a hotel owner whenever you start to think about this hourly concept you get various strange and scary thoughts in your mind. Such that –

  • What about the rest of the day’s income from that same room?
  • How to deal with people coming and going one after the other?
  • How to clean the room in such a short duration in between the visit of two customers?
  • Does providing soaps and shampoos and towels to everyone i.e., 2-3 times for a single room on a particular day, increase our expenditure?
  • Will it hamper our sales?

For those with included meal services along with hotel room,

  • How to decide whether we should give lunch to a particular guest and not all?
  • Are we required to cook much more food now?
  • Will this increase our net expenditure on food items too?
Hotel Room

Fighting the blues related to Hotel per hour

We understand your concern very well. That’s why we are here to help you fight away all your fears and say a big hello to this new concept.

  • Continuous Renting of Rooms – Hotels per our will ensure you continuous renting of a room, this will boost your sale, indeed.
  • Increase your income – Suppose you charge 4000 rupees for a single day now and after allowing people to take hourly hotel stay you rent out a single room to just two people for rupees 2500 each. So, now you are getting 1000 rupees more from that room. At the same time customer is also saving 1500 rupees and still availing the same services.
  • Great online websites will be your Bae – You don’t have to worry about checking customer’s background too much again and again as there are various websites these days, such as Brevistay, etc. These will help you get the best customers.
  • Flexible complimentary services -For including meals and other facilities you can decide well whether you want to give that to everyone or to people visiting in special time slots or just on the request of the customer.
  • Making your potential market, boost your growth –It will fetch you many of your potential customers which will now add to your sale. For example, people going on pilgrimages or coming for some meeting or examination to an unknown city now generally prefer waiting at the airport or waiting rooms because they don’t want to pay those heavy full day rents. But now they can easily come and stay at your hotel because of such a pocket-friendly option.
  • Save construction cost – You don’t need to spend much on constructing new floors to increase your hotel room count for boosting your sales. Rather, those pre-constructed rooms can only fetch you huge profits now.
  • Perfectly Utilize IN-Between Check-out and check-in time – You can now even rent those rooms on an hourly basis, which are being checked out early and next check-in is after 3-4 hours or maybe much more delayed.

We hope that the above article will surely help you understand well the full concept of the hotel per hour and why you should say a big YES to this concept. So, what are you still thinking about? Just decide well with your hotel management team. Just narrate this great idea to them and make them read this blog. Decide well your terms and conditions for making this hourly stay more pleasant at your place. And here you go. Just implement it and notice the great change yourself. This evolutionary idea is among few such initiatives which are beneficial to both the customers and the hotel owners. Just experiment with this yourself and boost your sales.

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