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Top 6 places to visit especially during Monsoon

We don’t think that there exists a soul who does not like the smell of the mud from the first rain after a long time. Greeks have given this feeling a term, called ‘petrichor.’ Monsoon is indeed one of the best seasons of the year. A lot of people do not consider traveling and visiting new places during rains, but India has some jewel places which are absolute fun only during monsoon. Whether you like rains or not, our list will change your mind totally with some heavenly places marked on it.

You will sink your heart in, feel those drops to the rhythm of your heartbeat, and will relish the downpour and its fragrance to the fullest.

1. Trailing to serenity – Lonavala, Maharashtra

Lonavala is a very famous place situated in the state of Maharashtra. It is like a weekend getaway for those living in the city of Mumbai. And it is even more of a popular destination for everyone living in Maharashtra, because of its frolic vibes during monsoon. So if you live in Mumbai or anywhere near Lonavala, then this is the best place for you to visit during monsoon. With the Sahyadri mountain ranges, it is the perfect place for sightseeing, admiring nature and going for a trek. The heavy downpour refreshes the trees, the forest, and the overall Ghats, making it an irresistible visit for any person. Everything appears to be lush green, and you will have a time of the year. You can do camping, horse riding, trekking and sightseeing there. You will also witness streams flowing from several cliffs. Travelers also love to visit the tiger point there, to watch the sunrise. If you love history and archaeology, then visiting the Karla caves built by the Buddhist Monks in the 3rd-2nd century BC is a must. And the waterfall near Bushi dam is another favorite stop for all the monsoon lovers.

2. Paradise for the Wild Soul – Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is a paradise for those people who love to go into the wild. This place is very close to nature's heart. Filled with dark woods, you will feel very much connected to Mother Nature there. This place is covered with dense forests and is biodiversity to a variety of flora and fauna. You will spot many plants and animals of different species living in security. This place is an ideal vacation destination during monsoon. You can do plenty of things there. You can enjoy waterfalls and sightsee several lakes. We all know how the south is famous for its coffee plantations. Therefore you can visit a few coffee plantations and click some beautiful pictures amidst the fields. Tasting the delicious cuisines is a must there. Because of this place’s connectivity to nature, you can indulge in all the nature-oriented activities. You can go for a trek to Tadiandomal, do bird watching, enjoy the flow of Abbey and Jog waterfalls, interact with elephants, ride horses and plant coffee plants.

3. Heaven on the lap of mountains – Shillong, Meghalaya

The whole of East India is like heaven sitting on the laps of the mountains. Shillong is the top best place to visit in India during the monsoon. The alluring beauty of Shillong will captivate you. Nestled in between nature’s heart, this place experiences a heavy downpour throughout the rainy months. Getting drenched in the cold breeze and among the greens is whole of a different experience here. Elephant Falls and Spread Eagle Falls are two famous waterfall spots there. These two spots are a must visit. This town will bring you peace and will make you feel at home. People are very welcoming there and will make sure to make your heart warm. The local food and cuisine are a must try there. The place is also famous for its nightlife and cheap drinks.

4. The land of Maharajas- Udaipur, Rajasthan

After a very humid and hot summer, Udaipur in Rajasthan is the best place to visit during monsoon. Being near the equator, this place receives just the right amount of rainfall. If you are someone who does not like rain much but would also love to enjoy pleasant weather, then Udaipur should be on your list. This city is called the city of lakes in Rajasthan. Also, it is very famous among couples and has been titled as one of the most romantic destinations in India. You can visit the famous monsoon palace here. And being land of Maharaja, you will enjoy the lavish hospitality. You can also visit Fateh Sagar Lake, Pichola lake and enjoy boat rides there.

5. Backpacking in the Backwaters – Alleppey, Kerala

Kerala has such amazing backwaters, and monsoon season just makes them all the more beautiful. It is a divine sight to witness, it is like a God’s blessing. The rain fills the backwaters and makes the experience more beautiful. Even Kerala is one such place, which is nestled in the heart of nature. It is a home to a biodiversity of flora and fauna. During monsoon, you can make the most out of the Kerala trip. You can do Ayurvedic treatments there, which are advantageous in the rainy season, your therapy will come out to be more effective. To explore the true essence of Kerala during rains, you can take a backwater cruise through the lakes, canals and rivers. You can spend a couple of nights in the boathouses, and visit the sanctuaries.

6. Beach, Boom, Party – Goa

Goa is a destination on every Indian’s list. This place is a must visit 365 days a year. Goa is never an offseason, not even during the monsoon. The land of beaches is not only worth a visit during winter or summer season, but they are worth a visit during monsoon too. During rains, you will experience a different beach life altogether. The sand, the drizzle and the scenic beauty just make a place in your heart. Also, if you visit Goa, then savouring the Goan delicacies is a must. Goa is very famous amongst the youngsters and the nightlife it offers. If you are a party animal then Goa is a perfect place for you. You will also get to be a part of beach parties. Jet skiing, scuba diving, trekking, and bird watching are some exciting things that you can do there. You can also enjoy hiking to Dudhsagar waterfalls and enjoy the true essence of monsoon. If you are into history, then Goa has some very amazing forts to sightsee, Aguada fort being one of them.

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