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Need a Room for few Hours? search ends here.

In this era when the world has transformed into a global village, travel, flights and meetings have become a daily affair in the lives of many! With these changes, there arises the need for hotel rooms for short durations, as convenient to most tourists and professionals.

Brevistay brings you the facility to book rooms on an hourly stay basis as per your choice!


Where did it all begin?

Founded by Shubham Agarwal, Prateek Singh and Avnish Kumar in 2016, Brevistay is a startup that allows you to get hotel rooms for 3, 6 or 12 hours. To make things easier, we also allow flexible check-ins and check-outs. Not just for short durations, you may book rooms for more than 24 hours as well!
Starting its operations with just 5 cities, it is now operating in 12+ cities and continues to grow by leaps and bounds! No more of waiting for hours in the uncomfortable seats at the airport when you can stay hourly and pay accordingly.

We are an unmarried couple. Can we get rooms for hourly stay?

Brevistay is also a viable solution for unmarried couples, who’re looking for some quality time with each other. It’s very important that we all know, no law in the country is against an unmarried couple sharing a room. The law does forbid prostitution, but if you are a couple and produce your valid identity proofs, you can legally book a room.

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Will I be safe with my partner?

We believe that consenting adult couples have the right to spend their private time together and thus, we provide you a couple friendly environment where we assure you complete privacy. And yes, no moral policing! All the hotels at Brevistay are very particular about this and they make sure you are super safe! It’s time every hotel started addressing this problem and making it easier for couples. Short stay, safe stay is the motto.

Will an hourly stay be expensive?

Not at all! You stay hourly and pay hourly as well. Prices start at a humble INR 499 for 3 hours. The reasonably planned rates are such structured that they fit all budgets.

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Why Brevistay?

Brevistay is the first of its kind app that mainly focuses on hourly stay. Along with that, we also stress on the need of unmarried couples for easier access to hotel rooms. We have made this easier by our extremely reasonable room rates and well reputed hotels. For any assistance we’re always there at your beck and call. All you have to do, is to give us a call at 91-9717386056 or 91-9871958885 or visit Brevistay
Thank you!

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