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Plan Your Daycation with Amazing Day-Stay Hotels in Mumbai

Are you looking for the perfect getaway without having to go too far? Then why not plan a daycation in Mumbai? A daycation is a perfect way to experience all of what this amazing city has to offer without spending days away from your family and friends. Plus, there are plenty of Day-Stay Hotels in Mumbai that make planning and enjoying your time off easier than ever! 

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing an awesome Day-Stay Hotel in Mumbai so that you can enjoy a unique staycation with your friends, family, or significant other.

We’ll guide you through and make your plan memorable with some quirky daycation ideas and amazing hourly hotels in Mumbai.

Top 20 Cozy Day-Stay Hotels In Mumbai To Live, Laugh, and Love Your Life 

Going away from your “oh-so-monotonous” life is much-needed, right? What can be more comfortable than enjoying your leisure in a luxurious staycation hotel that offers you the utmost privacy, a relaxing ambiance, and spacious rooms to upgrade your life to its best version? Here are some great picks to help you out.


1. Hotel Tip Top Plaza

hourly hotel

This premium hotel is couple-friendly, where you can enjoy private time with your partner. The hotel accepts same-city guests with hassle-free check-ins at any hour of the day. You can book your room before and pay when you reach, with cancellation facilities available even 15 minutes before the check-in time. They have amazing room quality, friendly staff behavior, luxurious surroundings, and a bundle of amenities to get you covered.

6-hour Price: Rs.2,500

Brevistay User Rating: 4.8/5

2. Hotel Purple Orchid

hourly hotel

If you seek a cozy room to share a peg with your buddies, Purple Orchid can be your best choice. Their rooms are homey with upholstered bedsteads and amenities like a TV, hot water geysers, air conditioners, and a power backup. They accept credit/debit card payments and also offer last-minute cancellations in case you change your mind. However, you don’t get a refund if you don’t show up or cancel your reservation in the middle of the stay.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,676

Brevistay User Rating: 4.3/5

3. Hotel De Classico

hourly hotel

This place is a classic example of premium day-stay hotels in Mumbai. De Classico offers you super-glamorous rooms at incredibly affordable rates where you can hang out with your friends, have a quick check-in with family, or rejuvenate your mental health in a perfect personal space. You’ll fall in love with their spacious stay-ins, aesthetic decor, lavish amenities, and superlative services. After a boring and tiring week, De Classico rooms will be your stress-busters and recharge you for a productive week ahead.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,299

Brevistay User Rating: 3.5/5

4. Hotel Raheja Residency

hourly hotel

There’s nothing more exciting than spending quality time with your partner. You can go for a same-day trip with your beloved, enjoy some fun-filled moments, ignite your love in the vibe of the setting sun, and spice up your we-time with warm cuddles in hourly rooms. Raheja Residency covers you with all top-notch facilities and price-worthy amenities to make your stay memorable. So just park your car after a day-long excursion and sink between the arms of your love.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,201

Brevistay User Rating: 4.3/5

5. Hotel Fortune Elite

hourly hotel

The name says it all. This comes in the frontline among the best day-stay hotels in Mumbai. The hotel ambience is apt for a family outing or a grand birthday celebration. It has elevators and wheelchair accessible rooms where you can take your elderly family members and make them feel special. You can even enjoy a gala dinner at its restaurant and binge-watch your favorite web series over the wifi-based internet. So, if you’re planning for a sudden surprise on your granny’s birthday or your parent’s anniversary, look no further than Hotel Fortune Elite.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,679

Brevistay User Rating: 4.4/5

6. Hotel Sunshine

hourly hotel

Near Powai dam, Sunshine is among the best day-stay 5-star hotels in Mumbai. The surroundings are eye-soothing, with the view of Powai Lake from your balcony and a scrumptious meal at the Absolute Barbeques next to it. You can book this hotel for 3 hours in Mumbai if you prefer a quick getaway from your work and enjoy your solo time. Have a nice bath in the hot water of the geysers and relish a cup of brewing coffee with some fresh breeze from the lake kissing your face. Can anything relax you more?

6-hour Price: Rs.1,560

Brevistay User Rating: 5/5

7. Hotel Samadhan Lodging

hourly hotel

You can have a cherishable time with your partner here, explore each other, talk your heart out, and dance to the beats of romantic Bollywood music. You just need a calming environment which Samadhan Lodging can offer you. You can book these couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai on an hourly basis and relish your time in completely safe and secure spaces. Spice up your dinner in the in-hotel restaurant with some exotic dishes and mouth-watering delicacies, and celebrate your couple-time with a glass of wine or two.

6-hour Prices: Rs.1,820

Brevistay User Rating: 4.2/5

8. Hotel Mantra Residency

hourly hotel

Are you in Mumbai for a stopover? Then your plan must be to extract the vibes of the “city of dreams” in as short a time as possible. If you’re looking for premium day-use hotels near Mumbai airport, Mantra Residency will surely live up to your expectations. You can check in at the hotel any time with your fiance or spouse, freshen up under hot showers, lock up your baggage in safe custody, and walk out to explore tourist destinations. Mantra Residency is among the best same-day checkout hotels in Mumbai which saves you money and lets you make the most of your time between travels.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,231

Brevistay User Rating: 4.2/5

9. Hotel Royce Executive

hourly hotel

Not all hotels in Mumbai for a 1-day stay are so luxurious. Even if you come to Mumbai for a day tour from outstation, Royce Executive will be your go-to destination with pay-at-hotel facilities with your credit/debit card. You can book your room here to celebrate your bestie’s 25th birthday or your relationship turning five, and they’ll welcome you with cozy rooms and yummy food at their restaurant. The only criterion for a couple-stay here is both of you have to be above 21 and must provide valid ID proof of your age.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,450

Brevistay User Rating: 4.1/5

10. Eskay Resort By Muza

hourly hotel

When you’re too pissed off by the honking car horns and chaos of the city, plan an escape to this 1-day stay resort in Mumbai to spend some time alone. Located close to Gorai in Borivali West, Eskay Resort gives you a feeling of a mini-vacation with a gym, pool, and jacuzzi. Relax amidst the greens and blues with some freshly-prepared drinks and calm your mind and body with tranquillizing lite jazz. We bet you’ll return fresh and energetic for a whole new beginning!

6-hour Price: Rs.3,199

Brevistay User Rating: 3.9/5

11. The Byke Delotel

hourly hotel

Wanna chill in a premium room with your friends? This is the perfect place for you then. The luxurious atmosphere, the feather-soft bed, and a plethora of amenities will trigger your mood to forget all your work-related worries and enjoy quality time with your buddies. You can check in anytime, have a Gupshup over a peg or two, relax with the utmost comfort, and recreate your “Dostana” from those old school or college days.

6-hour Price: Rs.3,360

Brevistay User Rating: 4.8/5

 12. Hotel Shimla House

hourly hotel

A deluxe room at such an affordable price! This will be your experience after you spend some hours in this hotel. Shimla house offers you couple-friendly check-ins, where you can take your partner out when you’re tight on your budget. It has all the amenities that you need to have a memorable private stay, yet it comes at a greatly pocket-friendly price that won’t create a burning hole in your wallet.

6-hour Price: Rs.800

Brevistay User Rating: 3.5/5

 13. Hotel Pal Pal

Nothing can beat Pal Pal in offerings or price. You get anything and everything within a thousand bucks. Period. Starting from a defined car parking area to a swimming pool, gymnasium, dining lounge, laundry service, and bar — anything else can you think of? Be it having an intimate time with your partner, a family daycation, or your me-time, just check in to this hotel and thank us later.

6-hour Price: Rs.800

Brevistay User Rating: 4.2/5

14.  Hotel Welcome Inn

hourly hotels

Who wants more luxury than this hotel offers on this budget? With pleasant hotel surroundings, smooth check-in, warm staff behavior, and best-in-class room quality, you’ll relish every bit of your daycation during this amazing stay. Welcome Inn will welcome you with couple-friendly comfortable rooms, laundry facilities, a restaurant and a dining lounge, and a bunch of memories that will keep you energized throughout the next week.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,176

Brevistay User Rating: 4.5/5

 15. Hotel Golden Park

hourly hotels

Looks wow, doesn’t it? It is a golden opportunity to spend your day in a gold-class ambiance. You’ll feel the deluxe aura at Golden Park with state-of-the-art room decor, wifi-based internet access, refrigerator facilities, and a hot water geyser to stir up the hotness of your intimate time. Book your stay, check in with your hardcopy ID proof, and pay at the hotel hassle-free.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,229

Brevistay User Rating: 4.7/5

 16. Hotel Sagar Guest House

hourly hotel

Your privacy will be in the safe hands of the efficient staff of this hotel. It has a homely environment, where you can spend a day with your family, play cards, enjoy a satiating meal, and watch an adrenaline-kicking match together. Get in your SUV with your parents, cousins, and NRI relatives, and relish true family time at Sagar Guest House.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,343

Brevistay User Rating: 5/5

 17. Hotel White Sand Lodging

hourly hotel

If you wanna spice up your partner’s birthday, give him/her a surprise candlelight dinner in this hotel room. The romantic ambiance, the cushioned bedstead, and the cozy atmosphere will all orchestrate perfectly with your mood. Indulge in a warm we-time in the light and shadow of the lit candles, and let the exoticism sink in.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,343

Brevistay User Rating: 5/5

 18. Hotel Prakash Inn

hourly hotel

You get a bar to go tipsy. Though you don’t need a separate space to booze with your pals, this hotel offers you one. A well-furnished room, a king-size bed to catch some Zs, some chilling air from the air conditioning, and a hot water bath to refresh your soul. That’s what you need to get on with another working week.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,350

Brevistay User Rating: 4.6/5

 19. Hotel Prince

hourly hotel

The corporate world may not even spare you on the weekends. But your lagging work shouldn’t ruin your leisure time. Check in to Hotel Prince for a spacious room, a calming aura, and a laptop table to work on. You can quickly wrap up your work when your partner takes a steaming hot bath, and enjoy the rest of the day stress-free.

6-hour Price: Rs.1,456

Brevistay User Rating: 5/5

20. Hotel King Palace

hourly hotel

Not many daystay hotels in Mumbai are so majestic. Want a gang day out? You get here. Or a bachelorette party for your closest cousin? It’s the perfect place. In essence, King Palace is truly the king of all hotels in Mumbai for a 1-day stay where you get a royal feeling, a grand staycay, a festive mood, and some incredible services. And guess what? You also get offers and discounts on your bookings! What’s needed more?

6-hour Price: Rs.1,456

Brevistay User Rating: 5/5

Now that you have a fair idea about your hourly destinations in Mumbai let’s try out some super-cool ideas on how to plan your daycation at budget-friendly prices!

Go Off-the-wall With Your Daycation Plan

couples enjoying houry stays

Hitting Juhu Beach or walking down Marine Drive is old-fashioned. These popular destinations have become so cliche that you won’t find peace of mind spending your weekend hours. That’s why you need to think off-beat for your daycation to chill, relax, and enjoy your breaks with your loved ones or all alone. Let’s test some new ideas to make your day-outs quirky!

Decide on your company first

Your journey and destination will vary according to the people traveling with you. If it’s a family outing, you will likely look for a local jaunt and nearby hourly hotels. But if you’re taking your partner, try something new and unique to have a different experience. 

You may kickstart your bike and go on a long ride to the outskirts, enjoy street food and steaming “kulhad chai”, and snuggle in a room to spend some time privately. The aim of your trip should be fun and entertainment, blended with the sweetness of romance.

Conversely, if you plan a solo getaway, find a peaceful ambiance away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy your time, relieve your stress, and relax your body and mind.

Book your hotel online

Whether you go with your family, partner, friends, or alone, booking your hourly hotel beforehand is always a good idea. Look for day-stay hotels in Mumbai that offer flexible check-ins and check-outs, complete privacy, and security. Go for the options that fit your budget, provide the necessary amenities, and nurture the ambiance you need.

Do your research to consider important do’s and don’ts before booking a hotel online and then choose your best hourly hotel at Brevistay. Just select the area, fill in the check-in date, and confirm your slot. You can cancel at any time and pay when you reach your destination.

Pack your bag with the right things

Since you’re going out of your comfort zone, you must be ready with all the necessary belongings that may not be available on the way. Create a checklist of the must-haves in your handbag that may include drinking water, sunglasses, dry food, soap papers, sanitizers, a power bank, some emergency medicines, ID proof, and extra cash.

Enjoy little moments to the fullest

Wherever you go, whether in your locality or outstation, enjoy little things that give you great pleasures. It may be sharing “pani puri”, exploring the nooks you never considered visit-worthy, having cokes cross-hand, or giggling with your partner over a drink. They may not sound big, but these petty pleasures add up to great satisfaction.

Come out of your work worries and relish the essence of self-care, couple privacy, family bonding, and buddy hangout without burning a hole in your pocket. Book hourly hotels at Brevistay and make your daycation unforgettable!

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