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Do’s And Don’ts Of Booking a Hotel Room

Want to have an excellent holiday?

The key to a good and refreshing holiday is always a good room and place of stay where you can calm your mind and repose in peace. Hence booking of the hotel is often the most essential task ever. Booking of a hotel room often seems to be a cakewalk but researches and surveys reveal the opposite. It is usually seems only about picking a destination, selecting the dates, doing the payment and enjoying the travel but one can make gross errors while doing so and that may result in spoiling the entire plan. To book a hotel room one should go for trusted websites (like breviSTAY) to check vital information and an awesome economic experience.

 The first major mistake that people usually make is not checking the dates of arrival and departure. One should always check these dates and book the rooms accordingly. If one does not check the dates he or she may end up paying more rent. Also one should keep in mind the International time zones and crossing of the International Date Line so that he or she does not have to face these issues after reaching the destination. Going through all the details before confirming the booking is always the safest option.

 One more benefit which travellers usually don’t make use of is paying through credit cards. They not only offer you rewards like free night stays and airline discounts but also protect you from frauds and immediate mischarges. Most hotels also require an incidental deposit to protect them against overdraft fees if the user is using a debit card and has insufficient funds. The usage of the apt type of credit card leads to the wise usage of money and the trip to become more enjoyable.
 One should while calculating the total costs also account for taxes and resort fees. One can omit the housekeeping and other services by not availing them but the charges are like resort fees are compulsory. Some hotels may not clearly state the resort fees and may write additional charges applicable on their website and in that case it’s the duty of the traveller to check with the hotel regarding the taxes and additional costs.

 One should not fall prey to the advertisements and book the hotel. One must surely compare with other websites and do a thorough research which may benefit the traveller with a high amount of saving that can be used for other purposes. Looking through the discounts and offers may add to the privilege of extra savings too!

hourly rooms

 One should always book hotels from a trusted website that promises its customers not just good but trustworthy service. They should see whether it’s not a fraud or a trap and check the details of the website or else they might end up spending long hours in the airport lobby.
 Not just the website but one must also check the reviews of the hotel where they are booking the room. Certain hotels go till great lengths to make their hotel appear perfect to the customers but the reality turns out to be something else. The traveller should also go through the user reviews and make sure that they are unbiased and recent. Checking the location and landmarks also adds to this list.
 One should never book hotels on non-refundable rates. They often appear to be cheaper than regular rates but this can prove to be harmful for the traveller’s pocket. If one has to cancel the hotel booking for maybe inclement weather, illness or a family emergency then one should forget about getting back the money. One should sensibly confirm the cancellation policies and then book the hotel.
 Lastly one should book the rooms on time in order to get the best room and services. Procrastination and last minute bookings can have grave consequences with the prices reaching the sky and also non-availability of rooms. This can prove out to be having adverse effects and also a loss of money spent on airline bookings.

BreviStay assures its customers that they receive the best of facilities and that they are liberated from any kind of fraud and treachery. We provide our customers diligent service that ensures that their convenience and comfort is our top priority and we promise them our best endeavours and their best travel experiences. The website provides rooms not just with no liabilities of time period but is also economic and cheap. Equipped with the best technology as well as hospitality we are bound to seem promising to every customer.

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